Grab Bars

In years past, professional remodelers and clinicians would recommend grab bars for patients who had issues with balance, weakness or certain physical ailments.

Due to advancements in medical reporting and research, we now know that grab bars are an essential part of any bathroom. It is a proven fact they make showering and bathing easier and more safe for everyone.

They reduce the risk of slipping and falling, which is a very real risk for everyone.





In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that falls in the bathroom are the #1 cause of injuries at home.

Every year, millions of people are treated because of falls, with the most common injuries being broken hips or a head injury.

To put that into dollars and cents, fall injuries are among in the top 20 most expensive medical conditions, with the average hospital stay costing over $30,000.00


If you’re older, it’s more even more serious

According to the CDC, over one-fourth of people over age 65 fall every year. This leads to one older adult emergency room visit every 11 seconds and one older adult dying every 19 minutes from a fall.

These and other experts recommend grab bars as one of the best ways to prevent these falls.


Bathroom grab bars help make the most dangerous room of your home more safe and easier-to-use. They also will help protect the people you love no matter their age or abilities.

People can fall getting in and out of a standard tub or shower that has a step. Grab bars can help prevent that. As well as, helping to keep you balanced when you’re washing your feet if you aren’t sitting down.



Statistically speaking, everyone should have grab bars installed in their shower or bathtub.

The truth is, there is no reason NOT to install grab bars in your home. They prevent falls and improve safety and ease-of-use of your bathroom.

Everyone can benefit from the safety they provide; from children to adults.

Typically, we hear from customers that after they install grab bars, their spouses, friends or family talk about how nice it is to have the added assistance.

Specifically, anyone who is experiencing issues with mobility or balance will get great benefit from having grab bars installed.

And, if you are older or caring for an older parent, they are a “must-have” addition to your bathroom.



Finally, you can have beauty, safety, affordability and independent living combined!

Grabcessories grab bars help prevent falls and enhance independent living for all ages. Many also offer the added convenience of integrated bath accessories.

Thoughtful design ensures safer mobility, covering "high risk" fall zones throughout the bathroom. The transitional curved designs seamlessly integrate into your bathrooms' decor.

These beautiful, non-corrosive, stainless steel grab bars have no-slip rubber grips (shelf excluded), and are available in chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. Each grab bar can support up to 500 lbs.

As an added bonus, we include the LiveSafe hollow wall anchors and flanges with all of our grab bars. This allows you to mount Grabcessories anywhere you like on your wall, making accessibility easy and tailored to you.





We've created a series of product videos to help you see just how unique and beautiful our grab bars and bath accessories are. You can view them on our product videos page.



Bathtub grab bars or shower grab bars are used to provide a stable surface to hold onto when in an unbalanced position (ie. standing on one foot when moving into or out of the bath or shower).

The best setup is to have two stable surfaces within reach at all times when you will have one foot off the floor.

At LiveWell, we believe bathing should be a safe, beautiful, and tranquil experience. Grabcessories 2-in-1 Fall Prevention SYSTEM disguises grab bars as bath accessories. It discreetly provide the safety of grab bars, while exploiting the beauty and convenience of bath accessories.

Now, what used to be a challenging and/or dangerous bathing experience, becomes a stress free one. By strategically locating Grabcessories products throughout the bathroom, end users can move from one location to another safely and independently.

And, you get the added benefit of a bathroom that looks gorgeous, not institutional!

LiveWell has conducted years of research to understand the mobility and accessibility needs people have in the bathroom. Grabcessories products were designed from the results of that research.

Our research included the young, old, healthy, special needs and disabled, both in residential and senior living environments.

We know the high risk fall zones in the bathroom, what causes people to fall and how people need to safely transition from one zone to another throughout the bathroom.

We also know beautiful design and have proven that safety, beauty, easy installation and affordability do not have to be mutually exclusive.

The LiveSafe Mounting System™

Each of our grab bars or bath accessories comes with our patented LiveSafe Mounting System FREE.

Two LiveSafe hollow wall anchors and two stud mount flanges in every box. (4 of each in the Towel Shelf).

The system supports up to 500lbs in hollow wall substrates that support the weight load as well as in studs.

LiveSafe Anchors allow for locating Grabcessories fixtures anywhere you like on the wall.

Other grab bar companies sell their hollow wall anchors separately, charging $11.00 to $50.00 extra for 1-4 anchors. We put them in the box for FREE to add value for both the purchaser and the installer!

Important notes on installing grab bars

We recommend having your grab bars installed by licensed and experienced professional.

If that is not possible, we’ve created a resource for you to help guide you through the installation process. This resource includes videos, as well as directions for our LiveSafe Hollow Wall Anchors and the LIveSafe Flange (for attaching to wall studs).

Grab bar installation


We have a complete line of grab bars and 2-in-1 bathroom accessories that will look amazing in your home!