If you are not suggesting Universal Design to your 50+ customers, you are missing out on extra profits and adding long-term value for your clients. Grabcessories Grab Bars disguised as Bath Accessories along with wider doorways and zero entry showers are just a few of the things your customers will appreciate as they continue to age in the home you build for them. Builders all over the U.S. & Canada are choosing Grabcessories as their Decorative Fall Prevention System of Choice. We love our Builder Partners!

To Create Your Account:

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  1. Complete the customer set up information below with your secure password. You will receive an email confirming yo that your account has been submitted for approval. Within 48 hours, we will approve the account as a Grabcessories by LiveWell customer and you will receive another confirmation email with a link that will take you straight to the product ordering section. We recommend bookmarking this page for quicker access. We make it easy for you!
  2. Login using your password
  3. Select the products you would like to order, add them to your cart and follow the checkout process, then LiveWell ships them the following day. How’s that for service!

Once you place your first order, we add you to our online searchable Builder partner list. Any time someone searches our partner list for Grabcessories near you, your business name, phone number and address will be available to them.

To discuss volume ordering or further inquire about Grabcessories, email

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